Makeup Mental Health!

As we are nearing to the end of mental health awareness week, for my second ever blog I have decided to put together a list of the top 5 beauty products that make me happy. After being an anxiety sufferer from the early teens, I sometimes find it somewhat of a struggle to feel confident in how I look and let’s be honest there’s only so many times your mother can turn around and say ‘don’t be daft you look gorgeous’ alright mother, you have to say that.

So, as we come to the end of mental health awareness week, I’ve came across some wonderful stories of how people are getting better in their mental health and the achievements they have made and if you’re only just starting your journey to a better life, then don’t fear as we are on the same page – I am hoping that using my interest in makeup, skincare, tan and all things beauty and writing them down on a blog will help distract me to keep me away from the bad villains that like to appear in my head. If you have any tips or stories on how you are overcoming or have overcame any mental health issues, do tell in the comments below!

So, let’s get down to business! (If the next line in your head wasn’t ‘to defeat the Huns.’ you really need to watch Mulan) Below I am going to write a little paragraph on each product that makes me happy, now these might be different for you and you might laugh, yet, you might agree, I’m aware that everyone has different taste, in what makes them happy, but if one of these products makes at least one of you happy, I feel like I have already made a difference!

  1. A RED LIP! –  Now on a hot day, wearing make up isn’t something I enjoy doing, but hey! does anybody? I find a red lip and a pair of sunglasses always makes me feel sassy, with a boost of confidence and who doesn’t love a lady in red? I much prefer a matte finish on a red lip in the summer or one that offers a long lasting finish. If you’re a hayfever sufferer like me, this is a great bonus because with a pair of sunglasses, who’s gonna see those watering eyes now ay? Favourite sassy red lip here.
  2. HIGHLIGHT! – Because girl, you gotta glow! Let’s be real, I can’t have a natural healthy glow everyday. For one, i’m not healthy enough to glow and secondly, the only thing natural you’ll see on my face are the bags under my eyes! Sometimes your face just feels/looks dull, and boring and you want to cover up the fact you look drained and exhausted. I found over the last 6 – 12 months, highlighting is great to create the illusion of healthy glowing skin and I do just that. Not only do I feel it creates the illusion of healthy glowing skin, but also when applying to the correct areas of the face, it can add dimension, plump your lips, make your forehead look polished, and say no to those dark circles we all know well and hate! I don’t think you can go to wrong when purchasing a highlighter, just make sure when applying it makes you look in the mirror and go GUUURLLLL! Favourite highlighter here or a alternative, favourite drugstore highlighting palette!
  3. CONCEALER! – Some days my makeup does not go to plan, or my skins in a bad mood, I say this because it’s like it wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and just will not cooperate with me. On days like this I try to keep my coverage as light as possible and makeup as minimal as can be but as we all know Scotty the spotty loves to make an appearance more often than we would like. So on days like this I swear by a concealer to touch up the areas Scotty likes to intrude on or for any blemishes and dark circles, set with a little bit of powder you’re set for a day and well you win! Favourite concealer here.
  4. CLEANSER! – Unsure if you would class this as a beauty product as some what skincare, but I started using this 3/4 months ago, (I have never been great at skin care) honest, why had I not used this before please? cleansing has never felt so satisfying with micellar water, every night, morning it is so refreshing, something that preps my skin for every occasion. Until a few months back I never believed in the ‘it’s not the makeup you use its how you prep your skin first’ sayings, But they were not lying, grab yourself a cleanser, and stick to doing it, I pop mine next to my bed with a cotton pad before heading to sleep and it makes me relaxed for the evening! Favourite cleansing product here.
  5. EYELINER! – ‘Make your wings so sharp they could cut a b**ch.’ Last, but by no means least, I was so indecisive for the last product so I asked a few of my girls what product makes them feel good and happy when anxiety appears and they agreed on my favourite – eyeliner. Eyeliner seems to have great ways on helping with a look or a feeling. For myself, when it goes right, it goes right, my wings are sharp, my red lip is going on, and I feel like bad goddess ready to wear a black dress, flick my hair and take over the mother bloody world. For others, your eyes may be one of you main features you like, so when using eyeliner, it draws attention and makes them pop a little more, although not used often, the occasional appearance reminds you of the bad ass you are. Alternatively, another one of my eyeliner lovers, feels it gives her the confidence to look in the mirror and tell herself she can do this, makes herself feel fierce and like a completely different person. I guess you could say eyeliner brings out the sassy alter-ego in all of us. Favourite liquid eyeliner here.

So, there you have it, my top 5 beauty products that make me happy. Let me know what yours are in the comments below!

This week for mental health awareness the theme was to tackle stress. From time to time we all stress about our appearance and how our makeup never turns out as well as the beauty influences we know and love. Makeup has helped bring me confidence on down days, and although embracing your natural beauty is wonderful if you can, and if you can, you are lucky. Sometimes we need that extra touch up to stop a little bit of our stress and to help give us a confidence boost. I believe makeup has done this for me on many occasions and my trusty 5 beauty products 90% of the time, never fail me and I hope there is something out there for you, to give you the same feeling. If not, just keep on searching! Beauty is the art of illusion.

Happy mental health awareness week.


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