Seventeen isn’t just a number!

I usually find myself keeping up to date on makeup brands throughout the drugstore community. However, I found myself unaware and seemed to have escaped the knowledge of ‘ Boots – Seventeen’ range until it was in fact being discontinued.

At the beginning of this week a makeup group on Facebook shared a link to great offers on this brand due to it being discontinued. So, of course I went straight to the boots website to take a look to find offers on all of their products with prices as low as £1.20 and a foundation (SEVENTEEN Stay time foundation) with a price tag of £6.49 reduced to a tremendous barging of £1.95! Yes, I was thinking the same as you, that price for a foundation? Well without any reviews or a glance upon YouTube I put it straight in my basket.

So, let’s talk about the foundation. Offering full coverage, the stay time of 25 hours and for all you skin care lovers SPF, it has all you would really want and enjoy in a foundillydation. If you’re anything like me and clumsy with make-up or find yourself forever loosing lids and cleaning up foundation leaks, you will really enjoy the packaging for one, the pump has a twist and lock feature which is perfect for travelling or just keeping those draws clean. As I was ordering online of course you’re always cautious of the colour match and I ordered the shade ‘Biscuit’ which turned out to be great match! (Lucky, I know.) When swatching I found the consistency a little thick so decided to take my Real Techniques beauty blender to blend and buff the foundation into the skin and had no problems with doing so, found it nice and easy to get along with and no movement or patchiness.

When dabbing along you could see, as promised the full coverage this foundation instantly gave and for £1.95 I was pleasantly surprised! Although not stated I also found that it gave a medium matte finish, which for me fits well. Also tested with the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer in the shade C2 and set with the Laura Mercier translucent powder, providing evidence of working and blending with different products from different brands (or at least these two). Of course, I did not test this foundation for the 25 hours coverage it claims to provide, I don’t know about you guys but a 25 hour day sounds like I’m missing out on a face mask and a brew before bed, and well we know how frowned upon it is if you do not remove your makeup before bed (sorry makeup Lord). However, I have been using the foundation for around a week worn throughout the day and nights out and I can say apart from the T zone area of where I get oily the foundation had not budged and still looked amazing for around the 8-10 hours it had been on. Removing with the Garnier micellar water on a cotton pad, I had no issues.

I would 100% recommend this foundation to someone who likes full coverage and a bargain, This would best suit if you had a long busy day ahead of you and wanted to be reassured their makeup is staying put. Also a great one for any of you on a night out likes to ‘bust a move’ or have a cheeky ‘slut drop’ rest assured, the foundation will not be dropping off your face! Overall, I think this foundation would suit for any occasion you are looking for a heavier coverage, and again £1.95!!

Have any of you used this foundation? or any Seventeen products? Let me know what your thoughts were! 

Take a look at my next blog for more information less in depth about the rest of the products I purchased from Boots – Seventeen. 


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      1. I am currently just writing a new blog for products that make me feel happy and beat anxiety! keep your eye out for ‘mental makeup awareness’ Please let me know your thoughts or anything I can do to make it better! Thanks again.xx

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