Boots Seventeen Makeup Haul!

Hello, loves! So, for my first ever blog, I did a review on the Seventeen stay time foundation, if you’d like to see that review click here.

As some of you may already be aware Seventeen is a makeup brand being discontinued in Boots. Due to the discontinuing most of their products are on sale and of course I couldn’t resist purchasing an item or two… or three… or five….or…..ANYWAY, keep reading to answer the question: does Seventeen makeup slay or nay?!20180522_223824

Stay Time Primer – Was £5.49 now £1.65 – GLUE, is the best way I can describe this product. A primer with a tacky consistency, which is great for longer lasting foundation. It’s a product that feels like you’re foundation is going to stick to for life. A few checks throughout the day and my face was nowhere near as shiny as it normally is! Great primer for the price!

Stay Time Foundation – Was £6.49 now £1.95 – With a whole blog dedicated to this foundation, I’m only going to touch up on the basics, the coverage is amazing, a little goes a long way, the bonus of it having SPF which instantly makes you feel like it’s doing something good to your skin. Although it’s a thicker consistency than I’m use to it does not feel heavy and has recently became my go to foundation! Loved it so much, I brought two more!

BB Magic Blemish Balm – Was £6.99 now £2.10 – Now, I don’t really use products like this as I’m a full coverage biatch. However, for the lighter days I love this. It leaves a lovely finish, something that I think for your simple days everyone would like. I like to use this with the Revolution conceal and define concealer and they make a great combo! No complaints.

Instant Glow Tan Cream Bronzer – Was £4.99 now £1.50 – Now, in the past I had only used a few cream bronzers and I’m not your biggest cream product fan. However, this little cutie is wonderful, a nice creamy consistency with more of a yellow undertone, I think this works great with the BB magic blemish balm for the lighter makeup days.

Easy On The Eye Birthday Suit Palette – Was £7.99 now £2.40 –  A collection of 8 matte and shimmer powders, 3 metallic creams and 1 eye primer.  A collection of simple colours. This to me, is a travel palette, very simple and light, lovely to use and had no issue with applying any of the product, it’s not something I would reach for every day, but I will 100% be taking this on holiday with me or anywhere I travel. As you will see on the photo there is some fallout, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. they are very pigmented, I would just recommend you using this before you do your base make up and rest of your face.


Easy On The Eye The Big Smoke Palette – Was £7.99 now £2.40 – Again, a collection of 8 matte and shimmer powders, 3 metallic creams and 1 eye primer. ‘The Big Smoke’ is exactly what it says, your go to smokey eye, and everything you need for one. I would have loved to have seen a black in this palette to complete this but again, great for travelling! As I said before, due to fallout would recommend doing this before you apply any face products.


Mega Matte Lipstick, Nude News – Was £4.99 now £1.50 – I never go out with the intention to purchase a nude lipstick with a pink undertone, I never feel pink suits my skin and just seems to not add any life to my face. However, this is a really nice light pastel pink undertone nude, and works lovely with the ‘Birthday Suit Palette’, using the shades: ‘Cool Rose’ through the crease, ‘Toasted Almond’ on the lid and ‘Pink Flush’ in the inner corner, I felt like a pink princess!

Gel Colour Nail Varnish, – £3.99 – I got this product free with purchases of the other products. have yet to test how long it lasts and stays fresh. However, love a nude nail varnish and after swatching this seems like it will be lovely! No complaints!

All of the above products were a definite SLAY for me. Of course, all these opinions are just my own. Let me know if you’ve managed to pick some bargains up in the comments below.

THANK YOU FOR READING, catch up next week with my May Favourites and a INTERESTING type of makeup look!

Love, Ayesha xx


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  1. Love this! So informative but super super easy to read! Can’t wait to see what next month has in store! 😍😍♥️♥️


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