Zoella – Splash Botanics!

Hello Hello Hello!

If you’re not already aware, the love I have for Zoella is unreal. A female who started an amazing career and life journey we are all blessed to share with her through a camera, in her bedroom. Zoella, is a great example of female empowerment to so many young girls out their striving for a successful future. So with the love I have, you can understand my excitement when after a eagerly long wait Zoella launched her Splash Botanics collection. Oh my, what a collection that is. 


TROPICAL. PALM TREES. PINEAPPLES. What else says summer to you? All that’s missing is a margarita by the pool (a large amount of margaritas of course, like the amount Ross drinks in friends when he tells everyone he is fine) and a cute book! This packaging is something I instantly fell in love with, not even considering the actual products (did not need to, they were clearly going to be amazing, it’s Zoella guys). Instant pamper, relax, summer vibes I have going on here guys. You just would not believe that packaging that looks so high end could be so drugstore! I love it ok, I’m in love. Do you understand how beautiful every Instagram boomerang is going to look? Luxurious in packaging without the price tag of breaking the bank! YAAS QUEEN. 

So, let’s get into the actual products and how they perform. 

IMG_20180623_004112_367 Zoella Botanic’EAU Body Mist: Any mist/perfume Zoella comes out with is always the first thing i’m picking up and putting straight in my basket, I find myself always reaching for them, they’re long lasting and always, ALWAYS, feel refreshing. It’s a summer scent, it gives me fresh summer realllness. This may just be, my summer scent for 2018. (45ml – travel friendly bonus!) 

IMG_20180623_004028_669Zoella So Soft Lip Oil: A little piece of heaven in my life, I have never used lip oils before this moment, never really paid attention to them either. NOW, however please oil my lips right up, all the time, every day, as many times as I can. This seems like a product that is going to be running out and being repurchased the quickest. It’s amazing, the applicator allows the oil to glide on ‘so soft’, while leaving your lips feeling hydrated, moisturised and of course, ‘so soft’. A new essential for my bag wherever I am going. 

IMG_20180623_003940_806Zoella Make a Splash, Moisturising Wash: This is soooo refreshing (you’re going to hear that word a lot, because everything is legit, so refreshing) I love anything Zoella does when it comes to body wash, the ‘shower shake’ from last years range was lovely, felt so rewarding when showering! This is just as good, can’t be bothered to moisturise when you finish showering? late night? nightly routine is a no? THIS my friends, is going to sort you right out. Enriched with hydrating coconut water you know this is leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed! 

IMG_20180623_004048_180Zoella Quench Me, Body Sorbet: Just in case the ‘Make a Splash’ body wash was not enough moisturiser for you and you’re one of those very blessed people who remember your skincare routine daily (I try man, I really do). On those summer nights, or when you’re feeling clammy and ill, ‘Quench Me’ is going to come in handy with it’s refreshing and moisturised sorbet sinking into your skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth. This and the ‘Make a Splash’ you’re all going to be moisturised to the goddss, WITH hydrated skin! 

So, there you have it. Zoella’s new ‘Splash Botanics’ beauty range. Missing out on DRENCH which I cannot wait to try when I can get my hands on it. All in all, all these products have a great outcome, perform well on the skin and offer a refreshed hydrated feeling. 

Thank you so much for reading today, are you purchasing these products, let me know you’re opinions. Goodbye for now. 

My Love, Ayesha xx 

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